This is My Real Face.-Filli&Kree

What Lagging Does

Laging makes people go crazy when they can't do what they want. So I, Filli&Kree wants to say that Lagging is the Official Nightmare Moon of the Internet. And The Discord of the Internet. When Lagging Happens, It can totally Drive the computer crazy like... YOU. It will Stop your computer from doing certain things... Like when you are in chat. I was in chat and could not receive any Private Messages or any Public Text. It can also stop the Video Game you are playing. It will blur your screen and Make you STOP or Go slow. The enemies may move but sometimes don't. If you are watching a Video it can blur it up and make it pause forever. Also, If you just restarted your internet the video will stop at a certain point. -Filli&Kree

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